HKCC Response to Caulmert Sandy Lane Consultation

HKCC Response to Caulmert Sandy Lane Consultation

The following is the response that has been submitted by Higher Kinnerton Community Council to Caulmert regarding the Sandy Lane development consultation.

Full details of the proposed development can be found by clicking here

If you wish to respond to the consultation then this must be done by Monday, August 5th 2019

Doc ref: 3718-CAU-XX-XX-RP-T-0301.A0-C1

Higher Kinnerton Community Council (HKCC) wish to object to the proposed developments on Sandy Lane Higher Kinnerton on the following grounds.

  1. In line with the observations of the planning authority, members of HKCC believe this to be a speculative application and on those grounds alone consider any planning application should be rejected as this would not be a sustainable development and would be in conflict with the planning authority’s emerging Local Development Plan (LDP).
  2. The supporting pre-application documentation is ill informed and inaccurate regarding community provision (Post Office), public transport provision and connectivity by cycle to local places of employment and leisure facilities.
  3. The pre-application consultation makes no reference to the Higher Kinnerton Village Plan which has been accepted by Flintshire County Council in its’ capacity as the local planning authority as a document of significance in relation to development within the community.
  4. The supporting document makes reference to Higher Kinnerton being a category C settlement with a spacial growth target of 10% over the life of the lapsed Unitary Development Plan. Furthermore, no reference is made to the recent development of Cae Babylon – 35 dwellings and the new Kinnerton Meadows development – 57 dwellings which would be in excess of the spacial growth target mentioned.
  5. The Higher Kinnerton Village Plan states that if Warren Hall is confirmed as a strategic site in the LDP then the case for further development within the community is significantly weakened and would not be supported. We believe that Warren Hall will be included in the deposit LDP.
  6. The proposed design of the two sites is defective and raises several issues including the lack of any connection from the proposed developments to the village centre for walkers or cyclists. The development would consequently and in any event have a negative impact on the environment in terms of the additional number of vehicles per household. The design also lacks any innovation on how to reduce the reliability of homeowners on private vehicles and does not align itself with Flintshire’s Council Plan 2019 – 2023 on the environment. The proposed housing design would not support community cohesion within the development.


HKCC consider the above to be material considerations which are relevant to any planning application and are grounds for refusal should an application be submitted.