Refusal of planning application for the 95 dwellings near Kinnerton Meadows

Refusal of planning application for the 95 dwellings near Kinnerton Meadows

Refusal of Planning Application for the Residential

Development of 95 Dwellings on land adjacent to

Kinnerton Meadows

On 3rd March 2021 Flintshire County Council’s Planning Committee voted in favour of refusing Elan Homes’ application for planning permission and supported the reasons for recommending the refusal which are outlined below:

· There was insufficient evidence to identify the need to bring forward the speculative site outside the settlement boundary of Kinnerton and in light of the satisfactory levels of residential housing completions, commitments and allocations as set out in the planned housing trajectory in the     Deposit Local Development Plan, the proposal would prejudice the plan-led system with   respect to the most appropriate housing sites from being brought forward as set out in the Deposit LDP.

· The current undeveloped field is of historical  significance to the Grade II Listed Buildings of Kinnerton Lodge, Kinnerton Lodge Stables and Crompton Hall as former parkland, and this piece of open space should remain as a buffer between the listed assets and the village. Its loss would harm the Listed Buildings and their setting, along with the historical setting of the curtilage Listed Little Farm.

· The site is identified to fall partly within Llwydcoed Royal Park, a 14th century medieval park. Whilst the exact boundary of the park is unknown, insufficient information was submitted with the application to fully assess the potential impact upon this archaeological asset.

The applicant has 6 months to appeal the decision to refuse the planning application and the Community Council will ensure residents are informed of any appeal or new planning application via Facebook and the newsletter.