Volunteer Group Gets Underway

Volunteer Group Gets Underway

Another excellent turnout saw the group formally established and agree a programme of work and activities it would engage in over the coming months.

Former Community Councillor, Angela Jones agreed to be the lead nominated contact for the group. A constitution is formally being adopted to enable the group along with the Community Council to become eligible for grants on any future initiatives.

The group agreed three activities it would now develop.

  1. Village Day Event. Lead – Liz Corner.

Liz and her group will look to build on the successful 2018 event by continuing with popular traditional activities as well as introducing new and exciting things to be enjoyed by residents.

  1. Community Environment Project. Lead – Angela Jones.

Angela’s group will look to introduce new wildlife features in the village such as bat and bird boxes as well as other wildlife initiatives. Angela, along with the Community Council have applied for a wildlife grant which, if successful will enable the introduction of many of the group’s initiatives.

  1. Village Maintenance. Lead – Ian Flemming.

Ian’s group will be leading on the “Keeping Kinnerton Tidy” initiative. The group will be working on improving the look of the village as well as maintaining our many existing features such our planters, willow arch and Bennet’s Lane Corner planting.


If you attended the initial meeting in January but weren’t able to make the February meeting, don’t worry. Just contact Liz Corner on 01244 660277 and she will give you details of future meetings and activities.

If you have been inspired to join one of the groups and want to get involved and find out more, again contact Liz for more information.