Dodleston Pre-School

Dodleston Pre-School is a small committee run Pre-School that is open for 25 hours a week, over 4 days and we take children from 2 yrs to school age. Our Pre-School creates a relaxed environment with exciting and challenging activities which aim to inspire young minds and encourage their natural instinct and curiosity to explore and learn. We believe in encouraging each child to thrive to reach their own potential. Every child is treated as an individual and is encouraged to participate in activities that relate to their personal interests. We adopt an ‘In The Moment ’ approach that is completely child led and therefore tailored entirely to meet your child’s individual needs. Through this approach we plan to equip your child with the skills they need for a strong school start and a bright future. We provide an inclusive environment in which all children are able to thrive and reach their full potential regardless of any additional needs.

We are a completely free-flow setting with a great emphasis on outdoor learning and offer opportunities such as woodwork, bushcraft and risky play.