In early 2018, Higher Kinnerton Community Council was encouraged to consider developing a Village Plan by Flintshire County Council’s planning officers. The Village Plan would be intended to be used to inform and influence the Flintshire Local Development Plan currently under development. The plan would also enable current and future Community Council members and the community to provide the facilities and infrastructure Higher Kinnerton residents indicated they desire.

From the initial open meeting and setting up of a steering group, to the survey and meetings that have subsequently taken place, residents have shown an ongoing desire to be involved. Many of them have come forward and offered help and suggestions to deliver this plan.

Over the coming years we face many challenges in the form of County Councils cutting back on traditional services to local communities, and changes to the role Town and Community Councils will be expected to perform. Coupled with all this is a growing village population as Higher Kinnerton is seen as a desirable place to live. We believe this plan will put us in a strong position to help meet future challenges.

The Community Council would like to congratulate members of the steering group (made up of village residents and members of the Community Council) and other members of the community who have supported the process of this plan. The hard work and dedication they have shown in delivering the plan is something the community can rightly be proud of.

We are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful rural village where people care about their community and everyone who lives here. We also know that for this to continue, the community must be ready to adapt and change.